Return to practice and performing: update and risk assessment

Click here to view the risk assessment that the committee has agreed will apply to practice sessions and performing at gigs.

Practice sessions restarted on Wednesday 19th May. They continue on the basis of observing safety guidance including limiting attendance numbers.

Band members are asked to sign up to take part in practice sessions to help manage numbers and ensure fair allocation of spaces each session. At this time band members are being prioritised for spaces rather than new people, however we hope to be able to accommodate new drummers soon.

We are also starting to resume performing at gigs, again observing safety guidance.

Members' preparation

  • Read Risk Assessment (this is on our website Link to RA)
  • Book/apply for a place at a Wednesday practice by the preceding Sunday morning.
  • Confirm when booking that you have read the RA and will follow the protocols agreed by the Committee.
  • Provide contact details in case of a risk of infection.
  • State your preferred instrument. (Providing us with a choice, in order of preference, would help.)
  • Check for email confirmation of your place and instrument on Monday evening.
  • Do not attend if you have any Covid19 symptoms, if you are awaiting a test result or if you have been in recent contact with an infected person.
  • Inform us if you find you cannot attend; we may be able to fill places at short notice.

During practice sessions At all times:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Use hand sanitiser.
  • Maintain an appropriate distance between players.
  • Do not share any equipment.
  • Follow all instructions specific to the practice venue - entrances, exits, toilets, direction of travel etc.