Internal communications

There are various ways that the committee and some band members communicate with the whole band.

Band mailing list (

Used primarily by the committee and gig managers to make announcements and provide information about the running of the band.

This mailing list is moderated meaning that an e-mail sent to it may not be received by everyone. Moderation can at times be a judgement call, particularly where the mailing list is in the CC field, therefore to help the process please send a follow up e-mail to as soon as possible after sending the original message if you intend for it to be received by everyone.

Social media

The band has a Facebook group (that only approved members can access the content of) and a public page.

Anyone who's a member of the group can post to it. The public page tends to be used to make announcements to people that aren't directly part of Arco but want to follow updates; that said please take a moment to "like" the page if you haven't already and any posts you feel the need to given that the reach of liked posts tends to be greater than those that aren't liked. Sharing posts from the page is also good too!

Announcements during practice break

At the end of the 15 minute break short announcements are usually made. These are typically regarding upcoming gigs and will be made by the gig manager or in their absence someone from the Events team, or perhaps even a committee member. Other band business, such as an upcoming AGM, may also be mentioned. We try to keep announcements no longer than a few minutes so we can get back to playing!

Contacting the committee

Depending on the nature of your e-mail you may want to contact the whole committee or an individual committee member who has responsibility for a particular band function.

The whole committee can be contacted at

Individual committee members can be contacted at the addresses published here.

If you have a query, issue or concern related to Arco Iris activity please approach the committee. There's usually at least one committee member available at practice each week if you'd prefer a face to face chat.