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Weekly practice

Every Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm at the Bath House on the corner of Gwydir Street and Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2LW map

The first session is free. After that it's £3 (£1 for concessions). Over 18s only.

Shake it. Bang it. Slap it. We do the lot: surdo, conga, tamborim, agogô (bell), chocalho (shaker), repinique, caixa (snare) and cuica. More information on each of these instruments can be found on the instruments page.

During weekly band practice we run through current favourites and also work on new rhythms, many of which are put together by band members.  It doesn't matter if you've never played before - our inclusive practice format will get you into the groove in no time. We even provide the instruments and ear plugs.

Instrument workshops: From time to time, we organise workshops to hone individuals' skills on particular instruments.

External tutors: On occasion we also invite external tutors, like the acclaimed percussionist Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya, to teach us technique and new rhythms at one-day workshops.

External courses: Finally, we also encourage members to attend external percussion workshops and encontros. Where possible we provide course or accommodation subsidies.

New to the band?

Our drumming is pretty loud therefore to protect your hearing during practice please wear hearing protection.

Mnemonics: A compilation of silly phrases to help you remember our pieces. Feel free to contribute!

Signal photos: A guide to the leaders' hand signals.

Listen to some of our pieces.

Musical Resources

You will find links to various online guides, MP3s and videos. To access some pages you need to be a band member.

Instructional videos and score sheets are available to members only.

Become a member

Once you have played with us a few times why not become a member? Check out Membership Benefits. You don't need to become a member to play with us at rehearsals or gigs. To become a member speak to the person collecting subs during the break at practice.

Band members can request a username and password for the members' section by signing up on the registration page. If you run into any problems email the Webmaster.

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